VMware installation ESXi 5.1 HP Blade Server Emulex HBA Best Practices – Update

Step 1

Restart the host,
Mount CD-ROM HP Service Pack for ProLiant 2013.02.0.
By Difficult it will update the last Firmware versions.
it reboot the server automatically

Step 2

Restart the host, press F9 to boot in BIOS mode

Following HP Recommended BIOS Settings for Gen7/8:

Date and Time > Config Date and Time
Power Management Options > HP Power Profile > Maximum Performance (default: Balanced Performance)
Power Management Options > HP Power Regulator > HP Static High Performance Mode (default: HP Dynamic Power Savings Mode)
Power Management Options > Advanced Power Management > Collaborative Power Control set to Disabled (default: Enabled)
*Advanced Options > Thermal Configuration > Maximum Cooling (default: Optimal Cooling)

*Maximum Cooling available only in G8 Server.

Step 3

Firmware versions for HP Emulex based NIC devices
Mount OneConnect-Flash-4.1.450.16.iso and update the Emulex Firmware
After installation has finished press # reboot and unmount the CD-ROM

In the first post we can see



to determining Network firmware and driver version in ESXi/ESX 4.x and 5.x
Open a console to the ESXi/ESX host

# ethtool -i vmnic0

driver: be2net
firmware-version: 4.1.450.16
bus-info: 0000:02:00.0

Step 4
Install HP customized VMware image downloads

*.The Best Practices Guide came “HP ProLiant server and option firmware and driver support recipe” 

*.For more information ENTER vibsdepot “compatible HP bundles for VMware® Image Builder, Update Manager and ESXCLI”

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