Configuring VASA with EMC arrays

VASA is Plag-in for managing storage tiering

My apologies only old equipment I have in my lab
1.EMC CX3-20 (Fiber Disk)
2.EMC CX4-120 (Fiber, SATADisks)

To get started with VASA you will need to download SMI-S version 4.5 which already comes pre-bundled with Solution Enabler  This software can be downloaded from the link below and comes with an option for 32 and 64 bit Windows as well as Linux.

Home > Support > Software Downloads and Licensing > Downloads S > SMI-S Provider

install SMI :

open the Folder C:\Program Files\EMC\ECIM\ECOM\conf

edit “Security_settings.xml” change the value from 100 to 1200, save and exit the file.


save the file

Navigate to the services console and restart the ECOM service

Open CMD

the next step is to connect to the SMI-S provider.
run the command “TestSmiProvider.exe”
I used the defaults which are shown in the square brackets, just hit enter on each line to use the default.

Once connected you will see the following at the command prompt

Connect EMC CX3-20

Connect EMC CX4-120

If you now run the dv command the arrays added will be listed as connected.

Now i have 2 CLARiiON Arrays registered.

we now need to add the VASA provider into vCenter.
Log-into vCenter and navigate to the home screen, locate and click on the storage providers icon.
We will use the URL as follows: https://<ip.or.dns.of.control.station>:5989/vasa/services/vasaService

The VASA is connecting

After you have successfully configured your providers, you can go and setup your storage profiles.  Go to Home > Management > VM Storage Profiles and add a new profile.  From there you can select from a multitude of options to pick the one that best matches the lun you are using for storage.

Create a VM Storage Profile

The next step is to start adding the user-defined storage capabilities (or business tags)

SATA Disk Fiber Disk

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